Langkawi – The First City to Deploy 5G Demo in Malaysia

by Jaden Lee

5G networks are the next generation of mobile network connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliable connections on smart phone and other devices than before. The networks are expected to supercharge Internet of Things technology, providing the infrastructure needed to carry huge amounts of data that allows for a smarter and more connected world.

Langkawi,the main testbed for 5G Demonstration Projects (5GDP) 

The 5G demonstration projects (5GDP) being conducted by six telecommunications companies on the island here have begun to show very good results with 37 use cases provided in two months, according to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) Chairman Al-Ishsal Ishak.

He said the 5G use cases on the duty-free island were involved in the digital healthcare, education, entertainment, smart city, smart transport, agriculture, and tourism sectors.

The 5G network technology revolution does not just provide higher data transfer speeds on smart phones but also play as a crucial role in several industries.

“The 5GDP in Langkawi will be implemented within a six-month period from October this year until March next year to demonstrate, test and study if the network is beneficial and what needed to be done to provide new applications or system which will enable the industries to attain further development,” he told reporters here.

Al-Ishsal said it was indeed impressive that in just two months of implementation, there had already been 37 cases of implementation.

Al-Ishsal visited the island last weekend to check on various 5GDP projects in the Langkawi International Airport and the Maxis eKelas programme at the Kampung Padang Wahid Internet Centre.

He also witnessed Celcom’s 5G Security Solution and Smart City Security showcases. These 5G use-cases are explored in collaboration with various local authority agencies from different industries, with the aim of enhancing daily operations via 5G technology. Besides that, he also experienced several digital healthcare demonstrations such as distance diagnosis, medical tourism, and distance consultation conducted jointly by Digi and U Mobile with the Sultanah Maliha Hospital.

Al-Ishsal said looking at the collaboration and commitment of the project partners, Kedah state government and local authorities, he was confident that the implementation of 5GDP in Langkawi would be a success.

The choice of Langkawi as the pioneer project for 5GDP was apt as a controlled environment was needed and the island had the requirements such as agriculture, tourism, education, entertainment and healthcare sectors, he said.

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