The Best Smart Home Gadgets of CES 2020

by Jaden Lee

CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the world’s largest consumer tech expo in the heart of Las Vegas, showcases the latest and greatest in technology and consumer gadgets. There truly is something for everyone, from new and improved products and services announced by major corporations to truly innovative ideas made real by entrepreneurial spirits.

Still, it’s difficult to figure out what’s worth one’s time and what products and services are simply a flash in the pan, never to be seen again. So we did the hard work for you to find the most intriguing and exciting smart home gadgets of CES, and here we’ve selected a few of our favorite devices that made their debuts at CES 2020.

Kohler Moxie

KohLer Moxie Smart Shower

Moxie is a smart shower head with a smart Alexa speaker built in. The speaker was made by audio giant Harman Kardon, and it sounds unbelievable. There are actually two parts here: the circular showerhead, and the Alexa speaker that slots into it. That speaker needs to be separate so you can charge it up, and it comes with a dock so you can do so.

If you want Alexa, the whole thing costs $159 (around RM691), but there’s a Bluetooth-only version for $99 (around RM430) if you don’t need the additional smarts.

ThinQ Smart Door

ThinQ Smart Door

LG has taken homefront security further with the ThinQ Smart Door, a wonderwall of welcoming technology.

This shiny monolith includes multiple biometric security features, scanning owners’ palms and face before granting access through the portal—and that’s just the start.

The ThinQ Smart Door also includes in-built delivery receptacles — one for packages and one for perishables, which owners can control remotely for delivery services. Users can also access these receptacles on the interior of the door—an interior that is a mirrored smart screen, displaying time, temperature, news and receptacle contents—thus negating the need to go outside to get your latest package delivery.

LG has not announced pricing or a release date for the ThinQ Smart Door.

Samsung Sero

Samsung Sero TV

Like it or not, vertical video is here, but Samsung’s Sero TV is here to make the experience a little more pleasant. Introducing the Sero, a 47-inch 4K QLED TV screen that connects to your phone and—for Android users—automatically rotates 90 degrees to Portrait mode, allowing owners to view popular app-based content like TikTok and Instagram in the proper perspective.

The TV is currently available in Korea, where it’s priced at KRW1.89 million (around RM6,956).

Samsung Ballie

Samsung Ballie

Having a Star Wars’ BB-8 isn’t a dream. Samsung’s Ballie is an A.I. Assistant that can navigate your home, interacting with you and your other smart home devices, like a rolling robotic butler.

The ball-shaped gadget, equipped with cameras and sensors used to follow you around, can control various smart home features, take photos, send you updates about your home when you’re away, and even function as a fitness assistant. Designed to be an “all-around life companion,” Ballie might be cute enough give your pup a run for its money.

Royole’s Mirage

Royole's Mirage

Royole, partnered with Cleer debuted a new smart speaker. The speaker itself, made by Cleer using Royole’s display, is called Royole Mirage Smart Speaker. The speaker packs an AMOLED display wrapped around its sound-blasting cylindrical body.

Royole says the Mirage will be available to buy in the first half of this year for – get ready for it – a whopping $899 (around RM3900).

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