Xiaomi Smart Sensor Series that You Can’t Missed

by Jaden Lee

If you’re looking to improve your house security, smart sensors are great little devices you need to take a look. They have numbers of types with different functions such as motion sensor, door/window magnetic sensor, water leaking sensor, etc. They can detect movement, alert you when someone tries to enter your home, detect leaks, and others can monitor room temperature.

The simplest and best way that smart home technology can make a difference in your home is to take the burden of drudgery off your shoulders. Smart sensors are exactly how this is achieved.

Among all the smart sensor brands in the market, we found out that Xiaomi has various type of smart sensors with affordable prices. In this post, we have help you to find out what type of sensor you might need for you house and what does Xiaomi have for you.

Aqara Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

Xiaomi Aqara motion sensor is amazing. At 3cm tall, it’s tiny, but it does a great job of detecting motion in its immediate vicinity — up to 1.5 meters. You can pair it with the gateway by resetting the device (via a SIM card ejector tool in the pinhole) and connecting it to Mi Home App. Once it’s paired, you can configure a series of actions for the sensor, such as turning on the lights, Xiaomi’s air purifier, or control any of the manufacturer’s connected products.

You have the ability to create custom scenes, and even set a specific time for an event to run. For instance, you can configure the motion sensor to turn on the lights if it detects activity after 6 p.m., or set up a scene to turn off the lights once you walk past the sensor in the morning. There’s also the option to send a notification to your phone each time the sensor is triggered.


Aqara Motion Sensor

Price : RM 59.00 RM47.00

Mijia Door and Window Sensor

As the name suggests, the door sensor connects to a door, and can be used as an alarm system. You can configure it to trigger an alarm and send you a notification if it detects activity when you’re outside your home. The window sensor offers a similar feature-set, but it’s smaller and has a magnetic base that easily hooks onto a windowsill.


Mijia Smart Door and Window Sensor

Price : RM 45.00 RM35.00

Aqara Water Leak Sensor

Aqara Water Leak Sensor detects water leak and flooding and monitors the status of water leak. When the water leak or flooding occurs, it sends an instant alert notification via mobile app. It also works with other smart devices to automate your home. For instance, automatically turns the water off instantly when used with solenoid water valve and a smart plug.


Aqara Water Leak Sensor

Price : RM 69.00 RM50.00

Mijia Honeywell Smoke Alarm Detector

Xiaomi Miija Honeywell Fire alarm detector features all the functionalities of a fire alarm detector with some additional features. This fire alarm detector detects this smoke density through its sensor. As soon as the density of the some exceeds the limit, the device produces a loud alarm to let you know.

When the smoke density exceeds the limit, it will give out the alarm and notify you via app no matter when and where you are.


Mijia Honeywell Fire Smoke Alarm Detector

Price : RM 231.00 RM180.00

Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor

The temperature and humidity sensor is the one I rely on the most. It is also the easiest to use. Just pair it with the gateway, stick it on a wall or on a surface, and use the Mi Home app to see the temperature and humidity in that room.

The sensor shows real-time temperature and humidity data, and also offers a chart breaking down the daily and weekly trends. If you’re living in a particularly hot or humid location, the sensor makes a lot of difference.


Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Price : RM 59.00 RM41.00

Aqara Smart Hub Gateway 

Most of the smart sensors using Zigbee protocol to transmit data, so Aqara Zigbee Hub acts as  a gateway to let you receive the information from those smart sensors. You can view the sensors’ data from your smartphone and also set some automation schedules for your smart home. For instance, when motion is detected in the evening, the smart bulb in the bathroom automatically turns on.

Read more about Zigbee : Zigbee vs Z-Wave: Which Is Better For Your Smart Home?


Aqara Smart Hub Gateway WiFi Zigbee Version

Price : RM 185.46 RM129.82

Bottom Line

While the most obvious advantage here is besides of convenience, smart home sensors can add a layer of safety and security to your home. Few other technologies can provide the peace of mind that results from knowing exactly what’s going on at home, whether you’re in bed or out of the country.

No matter what smart devices you choose for your own home, you’re going to incorporate sensors of some type. 


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